Addams Family

Scenic Backdrop Projections

Addams Family Haunted House projected backdrop  Addams Family Digital Projected show curtain  Graveyard projected backdrop

To have a convincingly spooky set for your adaptation of The Addams Family look no further than Grosh Digital for your backdrop projection needs. Rent dozens of scenic projections from Grosh Digital for this popular show. In this production The Addams Family characters step straight out of Charles Addams Cartoons but the actual show was inspired by the 1960’s TV series. The story begins with the ghoulish Addams Family having a stranger arrive on their doorstep who is claiming to be their long lost Uncle Fester. However, he is not the real Uncle Fester but a ringer who plans to steal their fortune. The story continues to draw laughter when the Addams Family seems to delight in the possibility that they are being hoodwinked, not even kidnapping or death threats seem to dampen their enthusiasm.

Find the Addams Family’s spooky house, Uncle Fester’s graveyard and all the scenes you need at Grosh Digital.

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