Scenic Backdrop Projections

Arabian Palace projected backdrop  Aladdin Show Curtain projected backdrop  Arabian Marketplace projected backdrop

Make your production of Aladdin and One Thousand and One Nights absolutely magical with Grosh Digital projected backdrops. In this production Aladdin, a homeless boy, is the only person who can enter the cave of wonders and retrieve a magical lamp for the evil Jafar. Aladdin becomes trapped in the cave with his sidekick, a monkey named Abu. He accidentally discovers the resident of a golden lamp, a Genie, Aladdin befriends the Genie and uses his wishes to become a prince to gain the affections of Princess Jasmine. When Jafar finally steals the lamp and gets three wishes of his own, Aladdin must rely on his intelligence to trick Jafar and save his friends and the Kingdom.

Let Grosh Digital fill your scene wishes with the Arabian Palace, the Marketplace and many others that will bring your production of Aladdin to life.

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