Alice in Wonderland

Scenic Backdrop Projections

Alice in Wonderland Giant Mushrooms  Alice in Wonderland Digital Projected image

The clock is spinning and you’re finding yourself down a rabbit hole for your play Alice in Wonderland. Stop the clock and rent your projected backdrops at Grosh Digital. The story begins with a young girl feeling bored and drowsy while sitting and listening to her sister reading her a story. She then notices a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and a pocket watch. She follows the rabbit down a hole and suddenly falls into a new an unexpected world. Her adventure has just begun, she will find herself shrinking and then growing way to tall, attending a spirited tea party, a precocious cat, a wicked queen and much more as she continues to follow the white rabbit. Alice does find her way back after she is awoken from her nap. At Grosh Digital you do not need a looking glass to find the perfect scenes for your show of, Alice in Wonderland.

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