Damn Yankees

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Damn Yankees is a musical comedy, which opened on Broadway in 1955. The book was written by George Abott and Douglass Wallop, while the music and lyrics were composed and written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

The story follows Joe Boyd, a middle-aged fan of the hapless Washington Senators baseball team, a fictionalized version of a real baseball team of the same name, which experienced competitive struggles for many years in the American League.

One day, Joe laments that if the Senators had just one “long ball hitter,” they would be able to defeat the “damn Yankees.” All of a sudden, Mr. Applegate appears. Dressed as a polished salesman, Applegate is actually the Devil himself, and he offers Joe a deal he can’t possibly resist: just sell his soul, and he will become Joe Hardy, the skillful slugger the Senators can count on to finally win the championship pennant.

Damn Yankees is based on Wallop’s novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant. In 1958, Warner Bros. released a film adaptation of the musical, a motion picture which won accolades and several awards.

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