High School Musical

Scenic Backdrop Projections

High School Musical Backdrop projection  High-School-Musical-projected-backdrop-image

Grosh Digital Projections is your resource for the best projected backdrops for stage performances of the highly successful Disney Channel original movie High School Musical.

Create a dazzling staging of this modern coming-of-age Romeo and Juliet story with our great selection of Projected images depicting settings from the movie. Our stage projected images include the high school building, gymnasium, cafeteria, and locker rooms. These digital images will definitely set the stage for the singing adventures of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and the rest of the High School Musical gang.

The original movie’s story focuses on the friendship and romance that blossoms between Troy Bolton, captain of East High School’s Wildcats basketball team, and Gabriella Montez, an introverted but intelligent transfer student. After inadvertently auditioning for a winter musical, the two quickly become very close friends. They try to maintain their friendship even as they are challenged by peer pressure, stereotypes, and the scheming of the drama guild queen bee Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan, who are out to make sure that Troy and Gabriella don’t get to have a spot in the callback sheet.

Make sure that you have the perfect projected image to complement your cast’s renditions of hit tracks like Start of Something New, Breaking Free, and We’re All in This Together.

If you are in need of hand painted backdrops, view our High School Musical collection at Grosh.com