Lion King

Scenic Backdrop Projections

Lion-King-backdrop-projection  Lion-King-projected-backdrop-image

A theatrical or musical production of the 1994 American animated musical, The Lion King deserves only the best projected backdrop, which you can rent from Grosh Digital.

We projected images portraying various scenes from the epic tale, including the Pride Lands, Scar’s Cave, elephant graveyard, and jungles.

The Lion King musical starts with the kind and wise Lion King of the Pride Lands, Mufasa, and his queen Sarabi introducing their newborn son, Simba to the animals of the savanna. All seems well except Mufasa’s evil brother, Scar, secretly desires to be king. Scar orchestrates a stampede that kills Mufasa. Simba, who believed he caused the death of his father, secretly leaves the Pride Lands. The animals believe Simba also died and with that, Scar becomes king. Under his evil rule, the Pride Lands become a wasteland. While away, Simba runs into his old friend Pumbaa in the jungle. She tells him how Scar has ruined the Pride Lands and begs Simba to return home. Simba agrees and upon, his return he winds up killing Scar. He then is able to reclaim his rightful place as King; all of the animals rejoice.

All of our projected backdrops will take your audience through this heartwarming tale of a young lion growing into a King. Rent your projected images today.

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