Scenic Backdrop Projections

Oklahoma-backdrop-projection  Oklahoma-projected-backdrop-image  Cornfield-backdrop-projection

Set a beautiful day on your stage for your production of Oklahoma! with stage images from Grosh Digital Projections. Take your audience back to the Oklahoma of 1906, when box socials were all the rage, with backgrounds that depict farmhouses and country landscapes.

Set in the Oklahoma territory in the early 1900s, this musical tells the story of two pairs of lovers. Curly is a cowboy who has trouble admitting his feelings to Laurey, as she does to him, because of their stubbornness. Judd, the hired hand at Laurey’s farm, tries to come between them. Ado Annie is torn between Will, a cowboy who has strong feelings for her, and Ali Hakim, a peddler who’s a ladies’ man and doesn’t want to marry her.

If you are in need of hand painted backdrops, view our Oklahoma collection at Grosh.com