Peter Pan

Scenic Backdrop Projections

Peter Pan-backdrop-projection  Peter-Pan-projected-backdrop-image

For a theatrical performance of Peter Pan that can really soar, you need the finest digtal backdrops from Grosh Digital. Whether you are putting together a scholastic production or a professional show, Grosh’s projected backdrops can help bring your own version of Neverland to life.

At Grosh, we have a collection of backdrops portraying scenes from the classic tale, including Wendy’s hometown of London, Captain Hook’s pirate ship, and various landscapes around Neverland, where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have their adventures.

Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who never grows old and lives in a mystical place called Neverland. He has the ability to fly and is an excellent swordsman, responsible for cutting off one of the hands of Captain Hook, his arch-nemesis.

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