Sleeping Beauty

Scenic Backdrop Projections

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Take your audience to a place where a castle has been claimed by an evil spell cast by a sorceress. Choose from a variety of projected images and pick the ones that go best with your vision for your theatrical or musical adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.

Grosh Digital online gallery of stage backdrops for Sleeping Beauty offers plenty of choices for various scenes in the fairy tale, such as when the princess discovers the cursed spindle and when the prince chances upon the mythical palace.

The tale of Sleeping Beauty has two major versions: Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty, and Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm. Before these popular versions, the story has also been passed on through generations as an oral tale beginning as early as 1330. Both Perrault’s and the Brothers Grimm’s stories have a beautiful princess, an enchantment that causes sleep, and a prince.

Perrault’s version of Sleeping Beauty can be divided into two parts. The first part begins with the tragic christening and the curse of the uninvited fairy, and ends with the reawakened princess marrying the prince in a secret ceremony. The second part of this version takes a completely different turn when the prince takes the princess and their children to his kingdom and they encounter the prince’s Ogress Queen Mother. Other, older versions of the story also have a similarly gruesome plot, but the modern retellings try to omit the violent section of the tale.

Disney’s version of the story was popularized by the 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty, which is now considered as one of the greatest animated films of all time.

Bring Sleeping Beauty’s story to life with projected images from Grosh Digital.

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